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EZAHK Handmade Clay Handi/Curry/Dal for Cooking (2 Litre)

EZAHK Handmade Clay Handi/Curry/Dal for Cooking (2 Litre)

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EZAHK brings to you clay Handi. The product is made of clay and is brown in colour. Notes: Use always wooden spatula.( kadchi).EARTHEN UTENSILS USAGE GUIDE: BEFORE USING: Dip the utensil completely in water for a day & then fill the vessel with rice starch for few hours. HEATING TIPS: Always cook with low to medium flame. ALWAYS AVOID: When the vessel is hot do not pour cold water, let the vessel temperature come to normal then wash. WASHING TIPS: Always avoid Metallic scrubber rather use Soft sponge. STORAGE: Allow the vessel to dry completely before storage. ONCE A WEEK: Fill half the vessel with water, boil for 3 min & then dispose the water to remove oil & stains, this will also strengthen & hygiene the utensil.Get the most value for your money with our Top-Rated New Design Professional Cooking Equipment! Our Professional Kadai is made of professional-grade Clay and is exceptionally durable, double quoted and scratch resistant. This luxury cookware pan is safe for use with all types of cooking surfaces except for induction cooker. Its sturdy bakelite handle, ear and knob create a comfortable grip that resists heat and scratching. Spiral bottom for even cooking Safe for all cooking methods Dishwasher safe Care & Maintenance Instructions: Wash the pan with hot soapy water and dry it completely with a soft cotton or linen towel before first use Always let the cookware cool before washing
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