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EZAHK Earthen Kadhai, Clay Pot for Cooking, Clay Pottery Mud Pot Handi for Cooking and Serving (Red) 2.5L

EZAHK Earthen Kadhai, Clay Pot for Cooking, Clay Pottery Mud Pot Handi for Cooking and Serving (Red) 2.5L

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Use earthen cookware only for cooking where the temperature rise takes place gradually. Sudden rise or fall of the temperature make lead to its cracking. Never add broth or cold water into an earthen pot that is already heated. If you are using the dishwasher for washing the unglazed, earthenware do not put in other cookware with it. The rubbing may cause scratches on the earthenware. Do not use scratchy powdered cleaner for cleaning your earthenware. Use only a mild soap. To remove food items stuck to your unglazed earthenware, simply soak it in water without detergent. The detergent might be absorbed by the earthenware and prove poisonous while being used the next time.

Material Earthenware
Colour Brown
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash
Number of Pieces 1


  • Size: 1 Liter; Material: Clay; Color: Red; Type: COOKIG. Cooks up to 700g of meat or vegetables.
  • KNOW YOUR PRODUCT- It is hand a hand made product, Size and shape may slightly vary. More sand added in clay for Extra Strength, Durability and Long lasting, Rough finish. SEASONED- This product is seasoned. Seasoning starch may appear Glossy and Slippery on surface.
  • PRODUCT BENEFITS Cooking in clay pots give you all the calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur and several other compounds that our body benefits from Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the Ph balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food
  • Terracotta is a bad conductor of heat but the advantage is the amount of heat it conducts is just about perfect to cook food without over heating. Clay being a porous material,allows heat and moisture circulate evenly This helps in cooking vegetables and meat evenly. Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer, tender and fresher
  • 100% HEALTH ASSURANCE -We assure you there is no chemicals used in any step of making this product.It is made with pure natural clay excavated from paddy fields. We use edible corn starch for seasoning the pot. WARNING-Check Images Read all specifications and Place the Order.Usage Instructions are Send Along with the Product.
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